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Spartanos Complex Project

Creation & Purpose

Created in August 2012 by Gracie Humaita Black Belt Anderson Ribeiro, Spartanos complex project aims to give an opportunity to children, youth and adults to practice jiu jitsu and contribute in shaping the character of children and young adults to socialize through sport. This is a special opportunity that wouldn't be available for these disadvantaged individuals otherwise.

Spartanos Complex Project
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Social Integration

Our aim is to go to our wonderful community and encourage people to help out anyway they can, so that we can cover the costs of the academy, provide gis to the athletes, registrations for leagues, as well as medical treatment and food that they would otherwise not have access to.

Jiu Jistu is the "Arte Suave" (gentle art) and it is breaking barriers between the social classes. We hope that in the future the efforts and hard work the children put in on the mats will build their character, provide them with valuable life skills, and lead them toward job opportunities and a better life. This is one of the best ways to stop the cycle of poverty; by giving hope, opportunity, and strength of character to those who need it most.

Plans for the Future

Soon we would like to increase the training area to accommodate more participants, protect the sides of the mats, as well as general improvements so the training area is better shielded from the rain and the cold. We would also like to provide access to an educator, nurse, and a psychologist to help deal with the many issues that come up in their difficult lives. Also, to monitor the growth and physical health of those entering the program we are looking to get a nutritionist as in many cases the children's dietary needs aren't being met, and they're underweight.

Call for Help

Because this project is still very new, we still need a great deal and will accept all possible help. Everything from office furniture such as desks and chairs, a water cooler, paint, cleaning supplies, vitamins, supplements, kimonos, hygiene products, and financial support are all very much needed and greatly appreciated.


Our project is situated at 317 Cabreuva street, Penha - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Brazil. CEP :21070-250
Tel - 011 55 21 97549 0896

email: andersonribeiro@gmail.com

Bank details:

Agency 0436
Savings account 1004856-7

Banco Bradesco.